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            The Report of the Grand Lodge Board of General Purposes presented at the Stated Quarterly Communication of Grand Lodge held in Cork on Saturday 2nd March, 2002, contained a recommendation that if the terms of settlement of the litigation in progress were finalised and a Consent Order were duly signed by all parties, that Grand Lodge would give its final approval so that matters could return to normal in the Masonic Province of Bermuda thereby enabling Hannibal Lodge No. 224, to recommence meeting.
            The Consent Order having been completed and signed by a Judge of the Supreme Court of Bermuda on February 22nd, 2002, Grand Lodge agreed and the following Brethren of Hannibal Lodge No. 224, were restored to their membership of the Lodge and their masonic ranks and seniority as from the date of the Consent Order:- V.W. Bro. Charles R. Dowling, Honorary Past Grand Deacon; V.W. Bro. J. Alfred Carey, V.W. Bro. Oliver N. Dickinson, V.W. Bro. Samuel D. Johansen Jr., V.W. Bro. Clifford W. Sampson and V.W. Bro. George E. Welch, Honorary Past Grand Stewards; and W. Bro. Frederick L. Brangman, W. Bro. Roland C. Darrell, W. Bro. Melvin W. Gibbons, W. Bro. Edward I. King, W. Bro. Horace C. Landy, W. Bro. David Ralston, W. Bro. Bradford Trott, W. Bro. George W.E. Tuzo and W. Bro. Carlton Welch.
            W. Bro. Arthur Pemberton and W. Bro. Elroy Ratteray, whose suspensions had been lifted in March, 2000, consequent on their application under the provisions of the Grand Lodge Laws and Constitutions, had, by the same approval of Grand Lodge, their membership of Hannibal Lodge No. 224, restored. 
            The Grand Master, in his remarks, said how glad he was that this matter was now settled and that Peace, Love and Harmony could be restored.

(L to R) R.W.Bro. Ralph D. Seligman (P.G.M. Bermuda), 
The Grand Master, R.W.Bro. Alan J. Campbell (P.G.M. Munster), Deputy Grand Master

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