Orr Memorial


Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim

 Education Committee



The James Orr Memorial was erected in Templecorran Cemetery in
Ballycarry, Co. Antrim in 1831 in memory of the great Mason and Ulster
Weaver Poet.  Donations for this grand structure came from the public
and neighbouring lodges, making it a community effort.

Today, this once great monument is crumbling and the once proud Masonic
 symbols and inscriptions are in a state of disrepair which will cost 20,000
to return to its former glory.

Ballycarry Community Association and the Education Committee of the
Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim, with the support of the Provincial Grand
Master, have united in a community effort once again to restore this important
 piece of Masonic history and each have undertaken to raise half of the cost.

Would you like to become a Patron and help in the restoration of this
magnificent monument?

If so, you can pledge 25 for the appeal which will be launched in
February 2005 and you will receive:

      A Commemorative Plate of which there will be only 600 produced.

      Your name printed on the plate with a unique number on the back.

      Your name recorded for posterity in the Community Centre in Ballycarry.

      An invitation to the Dedication Ceremony and an opportunity to meet
all the other Patrons.

Most importantly, you will be securing this, believed to be one of only two public
 Masonic Monuments in Northern Ireland, for enjoyment by future generations.

There will be no more than 600 plates produced and they will be issued on a
first come first served basis.

To make your donation, and secure this unique Commemorative plate, please
complete the slip below and post with a cheque for 25 to -
Mr Mitch Bresland, 4 Knocklayde Crescent, Larne, Co Antrim, BT40 1PL. 
Enquiries to Mitch Bresland on (028) 28 278180.

Cheques should be made payable to: Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim
(Orr Memorial).  P&P extra if required.



Please reserve  ____ Commemorative Plate/s @ 25 each.  I enclose a cheque
for __________.  Please put contact phone number _____________________.


Please PRINT clearly, details required for the plate:


Masonic Rank_________     Initials________ Surname ___________________


So that we can inform you when the plate is available and give you details of the
Dedication Ceremony, please supply full address: ___________________________________________________________