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October 2002

In Memory of 
M.Ill.Bro. John S Mawhinney 33
John Stewart Mawhinney was initiated in County Lodge No. 381, Holywood in 1936 and was W.M. in 1944 and again in 1998. He was District Inspector (responsible for 21 Lodges) in the Provincial Grand Lodge of Down from 1967 until 1990. He was President of the Holywood Charity Committee for 15 years and represented Iceland National Grand Lodge at the Grand Lodge of Ireland.

During his 66 years in the Order, Jack rarely missed a meeting in spite of his busy business life in W.D. & H.O. Wills. Besides his involvement in the Craft, Jack was a member of County Royal Arch Chapter 381 in Holywood from 1942; a member of North Down Preceptory from 1946 and a member of Belfast Chapter of Prince Masons from 1959. He was the recipient of many Masonic honours. Two, in particular, merit a mention. He was installed as Knight Commander of the Temple in Great Priory in 1986 and was elected to the Supreme Grand Council, 33rd Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Rite for Ireland in 1994.
His death on Saturday 6th July has removed from our midst, one greatly beloved and highly respected, for the vast knowledge he had of the Order and the sterling service that he gave to it. He will be greatly missed.

M.Ill. Bro. Ven. R Clayton Stevenson 

In Memory of  
R.W.Bro. Hugh Milling 300
Prov. Gd. Master of  South Connaught   
Hugo, as he was known to his many friends, was born in Co. Antrim. He is survived by his wife Frances, his daughter Karen and sons Hugh and Craig.
Following in the footsteps of his father, Hugo commenced his Masonic career in Carrickfergus where he was initiated in 1955 in St. Andrew’s Lodge 1012 and served as Worshipful Master in 1968.  He held associate membership of a number of Lodges and represented South Connaught on the Grand Lodge of Instruction.

Prior to his appointment as Provincial Grand Master of South Connaught in 1997 he served Grand Lodge in the office of Senior Grand Deacon. 
His commitment and dedication to freemasonry was amply demonstrated by his membership of the concordant degrees and his willingness to accept key offices and to lead by example. 
He became a Prince Mason in 1979  and served as Most Wise Sovereign in two Chapters. He  was raised as a Knight of the Sun 28° in February 1996 and promoted to 30° in May 1999 during which time he was equally honoured by membership of the Grand Lodge of the Grand Order of Scotland.
Throughout his Masonic career he gave freely of his advice and encouragement, and was supportive of those who showed an interest in and devotion to Freemasonry.
In business, he started in the Linen trade in Northern Ireland and some 25 years ago moved South to manage Gentex, which was then a major player in the Irish textile scene.  Later he set up his own business in health care textiles in which he was joined by his youngest son Craig who will carry on where Hugo left off. 
His interests were family, Freemasonry and work, more or less in that order and while he may have missed out on activities such as golf and sailing, he derived much pleasure in life and indeed gave so much pleasure and encouragement to others with whom he came in contact.  Hugo was in many ways Brother Freemasonry South Connaught.
Irish Freemasonry is the poorer for his passing.  
Don H Finlay Grand V-Chancellor
The Grand Master’s Travels
One of my duties is representing the Grand Lodge of Ireland at occasional functions of other regular Grand Lodges that we recognise.
At the end of April I made a brief visit to Rome for the installation of a new Grand Master for the Regular Grand Lodge of Italy. I arrived on Friday evening accompanied by the Grand Secretary and left on Sunday morning. On Saturday the outgoing Grand Master, M.W.Bro. Dr. Giuliano di Bernardo installed M.W. Bro. Fabio Venzi as his successor at a very impressive ceremony in elegant surroundings.
We were guests that evening at a banquet in honour of the new Grand Master at which I replied to the toast to the foreign delegations.  We were very well received and our support was greatly appreciated.

In June I attended the United Grand Lodge of England in London by invitation, accompanied by the Past Grand Master

M.W.Bro. Lord Donegall and the Grand Secretary.  The meeting was chaired by the Pro. Grand Master, M.W.Bro. Lord Northampton. That evening I was very honoured to be the Pro Grand Master’s guest at Royal Alpha Lodge. This is the Grand Master’s Lodge and the only guests permitted are past or present Grand Masters of Scotland and Ireland.  Following the brief meeting, we dined at the Garrick Club.
I also attended the Centenary Meeting and Dinner of Lodge of Erin No.2895 EC, many members are well known to us. I had an enjoyable evening and replied to the Toasts to the G. L. of Ireland and  the Guests. At this function I met W. Bro. Edgar Buckley, Secretary of The Ulster Lodge No.2972 EC which will be 100 years old next year.  The visit to London was a great success, everyone was very kind and made me  very welcome. 

 Eric N. Waller Grand Master

50 Years a Mason in Moneyreagh 
June 2002 was not only the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II but it was also a happy occasion for W.Bro. Pat Park, who celebrated 50 years as a Freemason and as a member of Moneyreagh Union Band Lodge No. 556. The event was witnessed by the Provincial Grand Master of Down, R.W.Bro. John F Kerr, a large number of Provincial Grand Lodge Officers and a wide range of Brethren.

Initiated on 7th June 1952, W.Bro. Park is still an active member of 556 and has seen many changes in Freemasonry.. in the district. R.W.Bro. Kerr presented W.Bro. Park with his 50 year Membership Jewel and Certificate and reminded him of a few details of his life both inside and outside Freemasonry. The unique event coincided with four aptly named Brethren taking “Kerr” of an Irish Lodge Communication. The three principal officers, Bro. John Kerr, W.M.; Bro. David Kerr, S.W. and Bro. Samuel Kerr, J.W., all family brothers, welcomed R.W.Bro. John F Kerr to Moneyreagh. The evening concluded with a dinner in the newly refurbished Hall.
W.Bro. Malcolm Telford, Secty.

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Provincial Headquarters Vandalised
The Headquarters for the Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim, Rosemary Street, Belfast, was attacked by vandals in the early hours of Sunday morning 30th June.   They gained entry by scaling scaffolding and breaking a side street window. They set fire to wooden lockers and then rampaged throughout the hall defacing a statue and pictures, smashing windows, causing water damage and most despicably of all, tearing out pages from a Bible and scattering them about.  It is understood that some of the lockers contained regalia and minute books dating back 
200 years.

R.W.Bro. John Frazer (P.G. Secty.) was one of the first on the scene and was shocked by the extent of destruction.  The fire appears to have put itself out, but the worst problems seem to be 
those caused by smoke and water damage.It is not yet known if the mural 
of King Solomon building his Temple which adorns the Provincial Grand Lodge 
Room (valued at £3m), has suffered 
from smoke and water damage.

Photo: Courtesy of the Irish News

Very Determined Mason !!

Independent Loyalist Masonic Lodge No.155, Rathfriland

Bro. Edwin Porter Fryar, "Eddie" as he is known to the Brethren, was due to be installed as W.M. on Friday 4th January 2002 and although not in completely robust health he was looking forward to the event immensely. Eddie is a diabetic and requires kidney dialysis three times per week. 
On 3rd December 2001 whilst in hospital for dialysis Eddie was taken to theatre and underwent an operation to amputate his left leg below the knee. Many Brethren visited Eddie in the next few weeks and all were told the same thing by Eddie regarding his forthcoming installation, "I'll be there if you have to wheel me in".
On Christmas Eve, Eddie suffered a yet another setback when he had to have
further surgery this time to amputate his leg above the knee. Eddie was adamant that he would be "in the chair" on the night arranged and by sheer strength of will and determination he made it. He was collected from hospital on the installation night by two Brethren of the Lodge and taken to the hall where he was subsequently installed as WM for the ensuing year, much to his delight.

Lodge 547 Newtownstewart
225th Anniversary

"225 years of Continuous Freemasonry" is the title of Lodge 547's historical Booklet, which gives details of the lodges history since its constitution on 3rd September 1777. The Lodge is certainly one of the oldest with continuous working in one place. Details of how the First Free Mason Corps of Volunteers of Ireland were formed in Newtownstewart, how wars, “the troubles”, charity events, property extensions etc affected the Lodge, are all included in the book.  Freemasonry is obviously thriving in Tyrone.
Celebrations of the 225th Anniversary include hosting the April Communication of Provincial Grand Lodge of Tyrone & Fermanagh and a visit in September from Grand Lodge officers. Also a Paper on Lodge 547 will be presented to the Lodge of Research at their September communication to be held in Newtownstewart.
Copies of the historical book are obtainable from W. Bro. Joe McCormick, 8 Old Castle Road, Newtownstewart, Co Tyrone, BT78 4HX, or W. Bro. John Lyons 11 Killymore Road, Newtownstewart, Co. Tyrone BT78 4DR.
Price £5.00 or € 8.50 (Profits to Masonic Charity).

Mothers’ Lunch - Freemasons’ Hall Saturday 29th June 2002
Saturday, 29th June was the day of this important annual event, bringing together, once again, many mothers of the beneficiaries of our Girls’ and Boys’ Funds in order to renew old acquaintances make new friends and meet with Committee members.

The mothers came from near and far and, following tea and coffee in the morning were conducted on a Grand Tour of Freemasons’ Hall.  The ladies were then received by the Grand Master and Chairmen of the two funds after which an excellent and very enjoyable lunch was served.

It was a lively affair from the outset, the buzz of animated conversation was spontaneous and it was clear that all were thoroughly enjoying their day out, even those from afar had an opportunity to shop before taking tea and heading for home.
It was both pleasing and reassuring to witness the mothers sharing their experiences in raising families under difficult circumstances and expressing their deep appreciation of the help received from our Order.  It was equally interesting to hear the stories of Fund Members who are so dedicated and committed to the welfare of the beneficiaries.  
Individual speeches were made by the Most Worshipful Grand Master, W. Bro. Peter Mullock and V. W. Bro. Leslie Johnston, respective Chairmen of the Girls and Boys Funds.

The whole affair was an unqualified success and much credit is due to V. W. Bro. Michael McWilliam, Asst. Grand Secretary Charities, Marguerite Fennell


who was assisted by Janice Griffin, our new Assistant Librarian Rebecca Hayes, Fiona Hislop, Andy McFetridge and Jane Young, who played a major role in organising and co-ordinating the transport.  
Widows’ Nights are held in some regions of the Irish Jurisdiction and I would commend such functions to Provincial Grand Lodges and Lodges generally as I can think of no better medium through which the good name of our order may be promoted and communication with our widows enhanced by being seen to care in this tangible way. 

R.W.Bro. Don H Finlay
Following in Fathers’ Footsteps:
The Cottown Lodge Installation took place on Saturday 26th January 2002 and over 60 members and guests enjoyed a very good day with the ceremony carried out by V. W.Bro. William Kirkpatrick.  More information on Cotton 430 Bangor can be found at:

From left to right W.Bro. Campbell o Nixon and behind him his son David who is Junior Warden. W.Bro William McAvoy and behind him his son Stephen who is Secretary. R.W.Bro. Robert J Armstrong, PDGM of Down; V. W.Bro William Kirkpatrick and behind his son Keith who is Chaplain. W.Bro William Beggs and behind his son David who is Senior Deacon.
Masonic Lodge No. 44

On Friday 21st June, the Provincial Grand Master of South Eastern Counties, R.W.Bro. R A Keppel, acting on behalf of the Brethren of Donoughmore Lodge, Clonmel, presented a cheque for €400 to Mr. Jim Bond the Treasurer of the South Tipperary Hospice. R.W.Bro. Keppel was accompanied by his Deputy, R.W.Bro. T J Kidd and Mrs Keppel and Brethren of Lodge No. 44 were also present at the event, which took place in the Lodge Room.
The sum raised by the Brethren was consequent on the discovery, research into and mounting for display in the Lodge Room, a “Ladies Apron” as worn by one of the Clonmel area Ladies at the “Grand Bazaar” at the RDS in 1892 (May) in aid of the Girl’s School, at which we understand all Ladies wore aprons – very different from those worn by Masons and yet recognisably Masonic in origin.
Following the presentation all Brethren and guests enjoyed refreshments.
W.Bro. David Eccles, Secty
Grand Master’s Millennium Cup
Golf Competition 2002
Killymoon Golf Club - 30th August 2002

Unfortunately, due to adverse weather conditions, the Competition had to be postponed until Friday 6th September.

A comprehensive report of the Competition will be carried in the December issue of the News Sheet.

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