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December 2002

Grand Master’s Millennium Cup Golf Competitio


 A total of 132 players took part in the third annual Grand Master’s Millennium Cup competition organised by the Freemasons of Ireland Golfing Society at the Killymoon Club, Cookstown, County Tyrone. The competition continues to attract growing numbers of Masons, non-Masons and Ladies  who enjoy  a  superb day of golfing, competing for a magnificent array of valuable prizes generously provided by sponsors.

The overall winner was W.Bro. Kingsley McGowan, of. Aberfoyle   Lodge No.784 (Londonderry and Donegal).

The winner in the Masonic category was W.Bro. Kenneth Firth, of Rosemount Lodge No. 702 (Province of Down).
The cup – for the winning Masonic Province – was accepted on behalf of the Province of Londonderry and Donegal by Very Worshipful Brother Desmond Shackleton.

The prizes were presented by the Deputy Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother George Dunlop, in the presence of the Provincial Grand Masters of Antrim, Armagh and North Connaught and the Provincial Grand Master-designate of Tyrone and Fermanagh. 

Tributes were paid to the organiser of the event, Very Worshipful Brother Noel Simpson, and his wife, Pauline, for their efforts. Thanks were also expressed to the secretary-manager of Killymoon, Valerie Wilson, for the use of the club facilities.  

More than £3,000 was raised on the day, which will be donated to a number of charities.

And the occasion was voted such an enjoyable success, that Friday September 12, 2003, at the same venue has already been pencilled into diaries for next year’s competition, details of which can be supplied by V.W.Bro. Noel Simpson tel.028 7082 3332).

Grand Master’s Message

As the first year of my term of office is almost ended, I realise how quickly it has passed.  I greatly appreciate the warm welcome and friendship which was extended to me wherever I travelled and especially when I was accompanied by my wife Pam.  Irish Freemasonry is a wonderful jewel which we must nurture and protect so that it can continue to be enjoyed by future generations.  Every Brother has a part to play. We must all take that responsibility seriously. 

Pam & I extend warmest greetings and best wishes for the good health, happiness and prosperity during 2003 of all Brethren, their families and friends wherever you may be located throughout the Irish Constitution and may Peace, Love and Harmony prevail in all facets of your lives.

Eric N. Waller Grand Master

What Should We Say - If Asked About Freemasonry ?

When questions arise about Freemasonry our response will undoubtedly influence the mental attitude of our friends towards ourselves and the Craft in general. 

Our Order is a fraternal organisation, based on the belief in the Fatherhood of God, the Brotherhood of Man and the Immortality of the Soul.  We are a voluntary association where those who are interested come of their own free will and accord; where peace, love and harmony are promoted and discussion of religion and politics forbidden. 

We should make it known that Freemasonry, in its every effort and purpose, strives to do charitable work within its membership and for society in general, and, through its teachings, seeks to make good men better.

Be proud to proclaim that Freemasonry is a band of men bound together in Brotherly Love and Affection that extends throughout the world and be prompt to make it known that Freemasonry is not a ‘secret society’ as many may surmise; in effect, we are a force for good.

You can proudly state that the basic ethical principles, as exemplified in our ritual and Lodge work, are such as are most acceptable to all good men.

To sum it all up, Freemasonry is kindness in the home, honesty in business, courtesy in society, fairness in work, pity and concern for the

unfortunate, resistance toward the wicked, help for the weak, forgiveness for the penitent, love for our neighbour and, above all, reverence and love for God.

Abridged and Adapted from The Grand Lodge of Ireland Newsletter - Autumn 1991.

 Ardmore Masonic Lodge No. 835
Action MS Director, Mrs Ann Walker accepts a cheque for £1,000 from W. Master Raymond McFarland at Saintfield Masonic Hall.  The money was raised by members and friends of Ardmore Masonic Lodge No. 835 through a Pub Quiz held in the Rosie Bar, Saintfield. Looking on are:- Sam McFarland (Secretary). George Lutton (Steward of Charities), Robert Moore (Quiz Master), Past Masters Bertie McClenaghan and Nigel McFarland.          


 This is my pledge….  

In the foreword to the dinner brochure marking my installation as the 51st Worshipful Master of Press Lodge – 33 years ago – I reflected on events of those times and commented:  “We live in a troubled world – a world of violence and confusing change”.

Those words ring just as true today and the significance of the contributions which, much-maligned Freemasonry can make to the common good in such disturbing circumstances remains undiminished.

To quote again from my 1969 epistle: “By treating all his fellow-men as he would a Brother, the Mason will be carrying into his daily life the fraternal spirit of the worthy principles on which our Order is firmly founded”.

Falling membership and dwindling attendances threaten the very existence of many Lodges and Press Lodge No.432 has been no exception.

It is a tribute to the dedication and determination of the Officers and a nucleus of supportive Brethren – not least, the exemplary and distinguished leadership of our Immediate Past Master, W.Bro. Ronnie Teague that the continuity of the Lodge is assured at least for the foreseeable future.

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Now, that I take up the reins for a second time and re-enter the Chair as the 83rd Master of a Lodge which has been a significant and much-loved aspect of my life for 42 years, I pledge myself to strive to continue to uphold the dignity with which my illustrious fellow Past Masters have preserved our proud traditions for well over three-quarters of a century.

I do so not with a sense of glib complacency, but deeply conscious of the great honour - and immense responsibility –my Brethren have entrusted to me and intensely desirous of growing support, not just during my term of office, but in succeeding years, so that this great Lodge may move forward with confidence towards its Centenary.

S Trevor Hanna  W. Master

Harmony Masonic Lodge No. 228 Gorey   -  Annual Golf Classic

Our annual Golf Classic while assisting the usual Masonic Charities and the fabric fund of Harmony Lodge, also helps with St. Aiden’s Day Care Centre, Gorey, which looks after one of the most neglected segments of our society, the intellectually impaired. The Lodge also financially assists the St. Vincent de Paul Society and the Co. Wexford Branch of the Alzheimer’s Society, to name but a few.

The Golf Classic evening has become a major social event with members of the wider community converging on the Freemasons’ Centre for a gourmet feast of food, sociability and craic.  The Centre is used by a multiplicity of local organisations for various and diverse functions and in 2003 the Lodge will reach an historic milestone when it celebrates its 175th anniversary. The Brethren are actively planning for the foreseeable future by upgrading the premises to the highest standard and Lodge 228 is deeply appreciative of the assistance and guidance of The Grand Lodge.

W.Bro. Sydney C A Stephens, Secty

Scott Masonic Lodge No. 300 Coalisland Presentations.

In his first visit to Scott No. 300 as the new P.D.G.M. of Tyrone & Fermanagh R.W.Bro. J. R. Hadden received a very warm welcome. Later he was invited to make presentations to the following:

Bro. James Henderson who received a 60-year bar to his 50-year jewel. Bro. Jimmy is also a member of RAC 300. W.Bro Verdun Hunter had achieved the rather unique distinction of celebrating 50 years since he occupied the W.M.’s chair in 1951 and was presented with a beautifully hand carved Maul.  W.Bro. Verdun  is  also  a member of

RAC 300 for over 50 years and is a Past King.
R.W.Bro. William McLain was presented with regalia in recognition of his appointment as the representative from the Grand Lodge of Guinea to Grand Lodge.
Tribute was paid to R.W.Bro. McLain for his work and commitment to Freemasonry for nearly 50 years having joined Lodge No. 559 Belfast in 1952.
He affiliated to Phoenix 836 in 1962 and has conferred degrees on over 100 members and since 1967 has installed 34 of their Worshipful Masters.
As an affiliated member of Scott No. 300 since 1986, he has a similar record.

From 1990 – 2000, he was Senior Grand Director of Ceremonies in the P.G.L. of Tyrone & Fermanagh, with all of this he still finds time to attend other branches of masonry not least in his role as M.E. District Grand King of the District Grand RAC of Londonderry, Donegal, Tyrone & Fermanagh.

Our hearty congratulations to three very worthy recipients.

F.R.L.Arnold Sec, PM. Scott No300.

Cheque to Samaritans            

Gd. Almoner, V.W.Bro. Alan Patterson, presents a cheque for £350 to the Director of the Samaritans, being 50% of the last St. John’s Day meeting Charity Collection, on 27th December 2001.    

 A New Home for Duke of Leinster Lodge No. 363 I.C. – Adelaide – South Australia

It is now thirty-one years since the Duke of Leinster 363 had to leave their beautiful old temple in Waymouth Street Adelaide, which is now a multi-storey car park.

Since that time the Lodge has been looking for a suitable building to make into a new home, and now after being a tenant Lodge at Edwardstown Masonic Centre for this period, have been able to purchase the beautiful Illingworth Masonic Hall at Hampton Street, Goodwood. Moving into the new premises after Christmas 2002 we were well prepared for our June installation, which turned out to be a real Irish affair. Our newly installed master William Paul Seaton was born and bred in Belfast (the son of our late esteemed W.Bro Billy Seaton). The Installing Master on this occasion was W. Bro. Sid Spence, another Belfast born member. The one hundred and thirty odd members in attendance made it a very memorable occasion. The W. Master

extends fraternal greetings, and the very best of good wishes to all Irish Brethren; with an open invitation to visit our new home, may they find themselves in Adelaide.

                                W. Bro. Brian Williams

Visit from Composite Lodge No. 9480 U.G.L.E.


Brethren from Composite Lodge No. 9480 E.C. visited the Provincial Grand Lodge of North Connaught at a recent  Stated Communication.

Included in the the photo are:-  the P.G.M. and D.P.G.M. of N. Connaught; W.Bro. Hugh Stewart (W.M. Composite Lodge); R.W.Bro. Cyril Munnings, P.P. Gd. Supt. of Works and W.Bro. David Spencer, P.G.L. Standard Bearer.


Polytechnic Lodge No. 756 Celebrates a “50 Year Milestone”

In March past, Polytechnic Lodge No. 756 celebrated its 50th Anniversary. The Lodge was originally formed by teaching staff from the Belfast College of Technology and members of the Handicraft Teacher’s Guild. It met on a Saturday to accommodate those teachers who had to take night classes. The Lodge still has a strong educational basis with teachers and retired teachers making attendances at its meetings.

Included along the front row (L-R) are:-

W.Bro. J Davidson, R.W.Bro. R J Armstrong, W.M. H Small and Founder Members W.Bros. F J Parkinson and W M Bottom.  Also shown are representatives of the Provincial Grand Lodges of Antrim, Down and Armagh.

W.Bro. William Wilson Secty

A Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year to all our Brethren

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