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The Grand Lodge of Ireland

1725  -  2000

275th Anniversary

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In June of the year 2000, Grand Lodge celebrated its 275th Anniversary and to mark this historic landmark a 3-day programme of events took place on June 7th, 8th & 9th in Dublin. In view of the anticipated numbers of Masons attending the Celebrations, from around the world, the St. John’s Day Communication of Grand Lodge was held in the Royal Dublin Society Showgrounds, Ballsbridge, followed by a Gala Banquet in the Burlington Hotel. On the third day an outing to the ancestral home of the first Grand Master at Birr Castle was arranged. Birr Castle is  famous not only for its  gardens but also its astronomical telescope, which has only recently been restored to its former glory.

Also, to mark this special occasion there will be other celebrations involving all Provinces & Lodges etc. throughout Ireland. For example, in Belfast, a Concert was arranged in the prestigious Waterfront Hall in April 2000, and a Gala Dinner followed in October. In the summer there was a Millennium Golf Competition and to round off the year, Grand Lodge will meet on 27th December 2000 in the Ulster Hall at high twelve.

Grand Lodge also produced a 275th Jewel (in Bronze and Hallmarked Silver), 2 new ties, boxes of Coasters and a crystal dish.  

IRISH MASONIC RECORDS - UPDATED - Originally published by the Grand Lodge of Ireland in 1973. This text has been extensively up-dated and expanded by R.W.Bro. Keith Cochrane and is now available on CD and 3.5" disc - more information

It is hoped that such Celebrations will be used as an opportunity to  demonstrate overtly to those non-masons and the public at large, just exactly what the Masonic Order stands for and the extent of the charitable works which it has supported over the years. For example, in more recent times, the former Grand Master, M.W.Bro. The Marquess of Donegall L.V.O. had the foresight to extend the charitable impact of Freemasonry to worthy causes outside its pale and thereby initiated the first Grand Master's Festival of Charity in 1992.  Almost 400,000 was raised to institute the Freemasons of Ireland Medical Research Fund which initially supported 2 research projects (in Belfast & Dublin) into causes of Arthritis. Interest from that capital fund is still being used to-day to support other projects which impact on the public at large.  Just a few yaers ago, 1996/97, our current Grand Master, M.W.Bro. Darwin H Templeton instigated the second Grand Master's Festival of Charity with the objective to relieve and assist the carers and sufferers of Alzheimer's Disease.  In this instance, Brethren throughout the Irish Constitution rallied once again to the call and raised just over 500,000.  The proceeds were handed over to the 2 Alzheimer's organisations in Ireland and was used for a wide variety of purposes ranging from the purchase of specially adapted ambulances, through specialised training for Carers, to the provision of a 24 hour Telephone Help-line.

Such  has been the generosity of  Irish Masons supporting these "outreach" projects that not only can it bode well for The Order in general, but more particularly, towards improving our acceptability, credibility and esteem in the eyes of the public at large.

The 275th Anniversary celebrations also give the Order an opportunity to mount a potential recruitment campaign for new candidates and lay to rest many of the misconceptions held by those sceptics who are ignorant of our Charitable intentions.

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