PSNI Registration

The following letter has been released by Grand Lodge :-

21st December, 2004

Dear Sir & Brother,

Re: PSNI Registration of Notifiable Memberships

Following the withdrawal of the original requirement wherein stipulated Bodies were indicated as being notifiable, including membership of the Masonic Order, the new requirement now reverts to that as set out in the Police (Northern Ireland) Act, 2000, that members notify (a) any notifiable membership which an Officer believes he has; or (b) his belief that he has no notifiable memberships.

It is Grand Lodge's opinion and stance that under our Aims and Principles, as set out in the Book of Laws & Constitutions, there is nothing therein which should in any way compromise the performance of his duty by an Officer of the PSNI. In that regard, it is our opinion that an Officer may truthfully submit that, unless he has other perceived notifiable memberships, membership of the Masonic Order does not constitute same and he may indicate that, as far as it is concerned, he has no notifiable membership.

Grand Lodge can have no objection, which would be or could be upheld in law, to gainsay this requirement and therefore it is up to each individual PSNI Officer to consider his position and comply with the requirement under paragraph 5 (a) or (b) of Section No.51 of the (Police Northern Ireland) Act 2000.

The Grand Master and his Cabinet would be grateful if you would promulgate this indication as widely and speedily as possible amongst the membership.

Yours sincerely & fraternally,

M. W. Walker

Grand Secretary