March 2006


The Sligo Park Hotel, Sligo



M.W. Grand Master

Eric N. Waller, on the Throne


R.W. Deputy Grand Master

George Dunlop


R.W. Assistant Grand Master

William Mawhinney


R.W. Senior Grand Warden

T. Noel Bownes


R.W. Junior Grand Warden

Charles R. Knipe


R.W. Grand Secretary

D. Barry Lyons


R.W. Grand Director of Ceremonies

William J. Dyer


R.W. Senior Grand Chaplain

The Rev. Canon George N. Little


R.W. Junior Grand Chaplains

The Rev. Selwoode Graham


The Ven. Archdeacon John G. Murray


As V.W. Senior Grand Deacon

John R. Hadden


V.W. Junior Grand Deacon

Robert J. Robinson


V.W. Asst. Grand Director of Ceremonies

Ivan A. Meldrum


As V.W. Grand Steward

Samuel Scott


V.W. Grand Sword Bearer

John L. Frazer


V.W. Grand Steward of Charities

Dennis Millen


V.W. Grand Almoners

William T.H. Balmer



Richard Ensor


V.W. Grand Organist

John N. Rowden


V.W. Grand Lodge Standard Bearer

Noel A. Drain


V.W. Grand Master's Standard Bearer

Brian Kearon


V.W. Grand Inner Guard

Rodney L. McCurley


V.W. Grand Secretary for Instruction

Michael J. Ward


V.W. Asst. Grand Secretary for Instruction

Robert J. Armstrong



There were also present:‑ the Provincial Grand Masters of Antrim, Armagh, North Connaught, South Connaught, Down, Londonderry & Donegal, Meath, Midland Counties, Munster, North Munster, South Eastern, Tyrone & Fermanagh and Wicklow & Wexford; the Provincial Deputy Grand Masters of Antrim, Armagh, North Connaught, South Connaught, Midland Counties, North Munster, South Eastern and Wicklow & Wexford; R.W. Brother J. Kenneth Dunne, Past Provincial Grand Master; R.W. Brother John Greer, Past Senior Grand Warden; R.W. Brother Michael W. Walker, Past Grand Secretary; V.W. Brother Leslie V. Johnston, Past Grand Deacon; R.W. Brothers Cyril R. Foster and Thomas J. Kidd, Past Provincial Deputy Grand Masters; V.W. Brother Ralph McGuckin, Past Grand. Superintendent of Works; V.W. Brothers Arthur W. White, Andrew McFetridge and Charles A. McCullough, Past Grand Stewards of Charities; V.W. Brother Maurice W. Lee, Past Grand Almoner; V.W. Brother Brian Sheridan, Honorary Past Grand Steward; and V.W. Brother Robert J. Hunter, Past Grand Master's Standard Bearer.


The following Grand Lodges were represented:‑ Scotland, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, New South Wales, Western Australia, Victoria, Andorra, Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece (National), Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Askansas, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, Oklahoma, Ohio, Texas, South Dakota, West Virginia, Costa Rica, Cuscatlan El Salvador, Argentina, Venezuela, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Mali, South Africa, China, India, the Philippine Islands, the Dominican Republic and the Prince Hall Grand Lodges of Colorado and Ohio.


Apologies for non‑attendance were received from:‑ the R.W. Grand Treasurer; the R.W. Grand Registrar; the V.W. Senior Grand Deacon, the V.W. Grand Superintendent of Works; the V.W. Grand Steward; V.W. Brother Peter H. Mullock, Grand Steward of Charities; the Provincial Deputy Grand Masters of Down, Londonderry & Donegal and Meath; R.W. Brother Adam J. McKinley, Past Provincial Grand Master, Antrim; R.W. Brothers Daniel B. Fincher, William W. Hughes, Robert Campbell, Stanley Johnston and Robert J. Thomson, Past Senior Grand Wardens; R.W. Brother The Rt. Rev. Samuel G. Poyntz, Past Senior Grand Chaplain; R.W. Brothers The Ven. R. Clayton Stevenson, The Rev. Canon Richard H. Bertram, The Rev. Charles McCurdy, The Rev. W. Warren Porter and The Very Rev. Philip J. Knowles, Past Junior Grand Chaplains; V.W. Brother Arnold J. Cooke, Past Grand Deacon; V.W. Brother Gordon Morrison, Honorary Past Grand Deacon; V.W. Brother Cecil Taylor, Past Assistant Grand Treasurer; V:W. Brothers Samuel H. Boyle, William J. Johnston and Herbert A. Walsh, Past Grand Stewards of Charities; V.W. Brother Bernard V.A. Woods, Past Grand Almoner; V.W. Brothers Thomas A.D. Martin, David M. Wright, Samuel A. Mackenzie and Donald H. Finlay, Past Grand Master's Standard Bearers; and The Representatives of the Grand Lodges of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Tasmania, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Switzerland (Alpina), Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Maryland, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Brazil G.O., Sao Paulo, Ecuador, Peru, Burkina Faso; the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Connecticut and R.W. Brothers Harold Ross, Thomas G. Anderson and Douglas Wakefield, Past Grand Representatives.


Grand Lodge being opened, the Grand Master, Grand Officers and members of Grand Lodge were welcomed to the Province of North Connaught by R.W. Brother George Ginnelly, Provincial Grand Master.


The Grand Master referred to the recent deaths of R.W. Brother Patrick J. Hope, Past Grand Inspector, Far East; R.W. Brother David Benson, Past Grand Director of Ceremonies and Past Grand Deacon; V.W. Brother Henry G. Ashton, Past Grand Steward of Charities; V.W. Brother Patrick L. Kearney, Honorary Past Grand Deacon, South Africa Northern and V.W. Brother Charles N.D. Ridden, Honorary Past Grand Steward. The memory of our departed distinguished Brethren was saluted.


On the proposal of R.W. Brother T. Noel Bownes, Senior Grand Warden, seconded by R.W. Brother Charles R. Knipe, Junior Grand Warden, the Minutes of the December 1st, 2005, Communication of Grand Lodge, which had been circulated, were taken as read, confirmed and signed.


The Assistant Grand Master, who had been unavoidably absent from the Installation of Officers Meeting in December, 2005, was proclaimed and saluted.


The incoming Grand Master's Standard Bearer, V.W. Brother Brian Kershaw, also unavoidably absent from that meeting was invested and saluted.


It was proposed, seconded and passed unanimously that R.W. Brothers George Ginnelly and Charles Hatch along with V.W. Brother David T. Young be elected as the three Grand Lodge Board Representatives on the Grievance Committee. Confirmed.

It was proposed, seconded and passed unanimously that R.W. Brothers Dennis R. Millen, G. Ginnelly and D.A.R. Lovesy and V.W. Brothers Rodney L. McCurley, David T. Young, Brian Kershaw and Alan R. Crowe be elected members of the Finance Committee for 2006. Confirmed.

It was agreed that the By‑Laws Committee and the Library Committee would comprise the Assistant Grand Master, R.W. Brother D. Barry Lyons, W. Brother Morgan McCreadie with Ms. Rebecca Hayes being a member of the latter. Confirmed.

The Board noted with regret for reporting to Grand Lodge the return of the following Warrants: Lodges Nos. 36, 378, 406 and 798, Belfast; and 338, 391 and 710, South Africa Northern.

A vacancy having arisen in the Representation of the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of the Caribbean and Jurisdiction, the Board recommended that the name of W. Brother Norman T. Reid, Past Master of Lodge No. 217, Ballina, be sent forward for consideration by the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Caribbean and Jurisdiction, as a suitable Brother to act as their Grand Representative here. Recommended to Grand Lodge. Confirmed.

 request received for the use of the Grand Lodge Coat of Arms on the Masonic Hall in Hong Kong, to be displayed alongside those of the United Grand Lodge of England and the Grand Lodge of Scotland, on a stained glass window, was considered. Recommended to Grand Lodge. Confirmed.

The Board considered a submission on behalf of Lodge No. 180, Newtownabbey, concerning a breach of Grand Lodge Law No. 141, paragraph 3. The Grand Secretary was directed to issue a letter to the Lodge on the matter. ,

The Board considered and granted a request for Dispensation under Grand Lodge Law No. 123 for Lodges Nos. 360 and 873, Southern Cape, who wished to appoint a Brother as Secretary, not yet a Past Master.

Designs were submitted for a jewel and banner on behalf of Munster Past Masters' Lodge No. 1011 and were approved by the Board.

Approval for the design of a Centenary Jewel by Curragh Emerald Lodge No. 397 was granted.


R.W. Brother G. Hugh Milne, being in attendance, the Grand Director of Ceremonies formed a procession and presented him to the Grand Master for Obligation, Investiture, Installation, Proclamation and Presentation with his Patent of Appointment as Provincial Grand Master of North Munster. R.W. Brother Milne thanked the Grand Master for his appointment and was conducted to his seat and saluted according to ancient custom.


R.W. Brothers James Jones, Harry R.J. Bonner, Robert T. Bashford and Victor E. Bownes, being in attendance and having produced their Patents of Appointment, the Grand Director of Ceremonies formed a procession and presented them to the Grand Master for Investiture as Representatives of the Grand Lodges of Estonia, Iceland, Portugal and New Hampshire, respectively. The newly invested Grand Representatives were conducted to their seats and were saluted.


Read report from the Grand Lodge Committee of Charity recommending a grant of 700 to the wife of a Brother of Sphinx Lodge No. 107, Sri Lanka and Grand Master's Lodge, Dublin, the Committee having already awarded the maximum permissible of 500. Confirmed.


The Grand Master with the concurrence of Grand Lodge also conferred the following Honorary


Past Grand Deacon


R.W. Bro. William L. Buist -

on promotion from Hon. P.G. Supt. of Works

R.W. Bro. Colin J.A. Clarke -

on promotion from Hon. P.G. Supt. of Works

V.W. Bro. Franco L. Forte -

on promotion from Hon. P.G. Supt. of Works

V.W. Bro. Thomas M. van Blommestein -

on promotion from Hon. P.G. Supt. of Works

R.W. Bro. Abbas Y. Khairulla -

on promotion from Hon. P.G. Steward

R.W. Bro. Sridhar S. Phadke -

on promotion from Hon. P.G. Steward

V.W. Bro. Sudhakar R. Dighe -

on promotion from Hon. P.G. Steward

Past Grand Supt. of Works


R.W. Bro. Dara E. Driver -

on promotion from Hon. P.G. Steward

R.W. Bro. Nandkumar N. Naik. -

on promotion from Hon. P.G. Steward

V.W. Bro. Sunand G. Rele -

on promotion from Hon. P.G. Steward

V.W. Bro. Adi M. Choksi -

on promotion from Hon. P.G. Steward

V.W. Bro. Moiz A. Hoosein -

on promotion from Hon. P.G. Steward

Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies


R.W. Bro. Johannes H. Kotze -

Past Provincial Assistant Grand Master, S.A.N.

Past Grand Steward


W. Bro. Jayamohan Nambiar

- Past Master of Lodge No. 830, Kuala Lumpur

W. Bro. Kean Oo Foo

- Past Master of Lodge No. 830, Kuala Lumpur

W. Bro. Jamshed M. Darbary

- Past Master of Lodge No. 465, Poona

W. Bro. Rajiv Dave

- Past Master of Lodge No. 648, Mumbai

W. Bro. Percy Wadia-

- Past Master of Lodge No. 771, Mumbai

W. Bro. Rakesh Garg

- Past Master of Lodge No. 464, Kanpur

Past Grand Sword Bearer


W. Bro. Sumanpal J. Mahimkar

- Past Master of Lodge 648, Mumbai

Past Grand Steward of Charities


W. Bro. Suresh Sitlani

- Provincial Grand Chaplain, Ireland in India

W. Bro. Koyikkal K. Varma

- Provincial Grand Steward, Ireland in India


The Grand Master, in a short report, detailed various Masonic events he had attended since the last Grand Lodge meeting including the Installation in January of the new Provincial Grand Master of Antrim, John S. Dunlop.

He pointed out that the Freemasons' of Ireland Medical Research Fund had resumed its funding activities and the most recent recipients, Professor Edward J. Johns and his research Assistant, Miss Flanagan, from the Department of Physiology, University College Cork, had just issued their first report, dealing with Chronic Renal Failure.

The Grand Master also mentioned the concert he had recently attended as a guest of the Austrian Ambassador at the National Concert Hall and drew attention to the two Mozart concerts Grand Lodge would be hosting on November 10`h and 11th this year at Freemasons' Hall on behalf of the Austrian Embassy, as part of the 250h Anniversary celebrations of Mozart's birth.

He further pointed out that for various technical reasons he was delaying the proposed start of the Grand Master's Festival and would return to the topic in due course.

The Grand Master then called on the Deputy Grand Master, who gave a resume of the upcoming concert schedule planned by Events GLI Ltd., of which he is Chairman, and which he hoped would be supported by the Brethren and their friends.

He also mentioned the recent, successful Andy Stevens‑supported concert at the Waterfront Hall from which he was able to nominate, on behalf of Irish Freemasons, the Ulster Cancer Foundation as a beneficiary.


Finally the Grand Master thanked R.W. Brothers Ginnelly and Smith; and V.W. Brother David McNeill, Provincial Grand Secretary and the many Brethren involved in helping with all the arrangements over the weekend incorporating the Grand Lodge Communication and the lunch, which was to follow.


The Charity Collection amounted to 1,450.


Grand Lodge closed following which one hundred and ninety‑two Brethren and their wives or companions dined.

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