Issued to brethren in LOUGHGALL, Co. Armagh, 7 July 1768.

Cancelled before 1801.

Note in the Register.. `now at work clandestinely, April 1801.'

Reissued to brethren in PORTADOWN, 6 February 1806.

 Reissued to brethren in TAURANGA, on the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, by dispensation, 15 May 1876; by warrant, 31 December 1877.

The settlement brought into being by ex Officers of the Local Service and settlers brought out to New Zealand in 1875, principally from Co. Tyrone.

The first Master, W Bro. H. C. Hoyte, J.P. came from Malahide, Dublin, a member of Grand Masters Lodge. The first Chaplain, Bro. WE. Mulgan MA., was Rector of Donagh.

Some of the furniture and Jewels of this lodge are still used by Lodge No. 125 NZ Constitution.

The consecration of the Lodge took place on 17th May, 1876, and the Warrant for the Lodge as No. 462 was issued by the Grand Lodge of Ireland on 31st December, 1877.

This document, duly cancelled by Grand Lodge, was at the request of Lodge Tau Tauranga No. 125, forwarded to that Lodge, and now hangs in the Lodge Room at Tauranga.

 Reissued to Thomas Houston, John J. Donaghy and Robert Nicholas, all from Lodge 286, to form `Concord Lodge No. 462 in BANGOR, Co. Down, 17th June 1919.

The Minutes of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Down, meeting in BANGOR on 24 July 1919 read:-

ďAn Occasional Communication of the Right Worshipful the Grand Lodge of the Masonic Province of Down was held in the Masonic Hall, Hamilton Road, Bangor on the above date for the purpose of Constituting the `Concord' Masonic Lodge No. 462. The Grand Lodge was opened at 7 o'clock p.m. on the First Degree and was officered as follows:

Grand Master                        R W. Bro. Col. R.G. Sharman Crawford
Deputy Grand Master           R W. Bro. Dr J.D. Williamson
Grand Senior Warden          V. W. Bro. A. Armstrong (acting)
Grand Junior Warden           V. W. Bro. Wm. F. Orr (acting)
Grand Treasurer                   V.W. Bro. W. Bel Burrowes
Grand Secretary                   V.W. Bro. W. Bel Burrowes (acting)
Grand Chaplain                     W. Bro. Rev. W.H.N. Fisher (acting)
Senior Grand Deacon          W. Bro. Dr. R.L Moore (acting)
Junior Grand Deacon           W. Bro. Saml. Keenan
Grand Dir of Ceremonies    W. Bro. T.H. Keown
Grand Sword Bearer            W. Bro. Richard McAuley
Grand Organist                     W. Bro. E.G. Mills
Grand Inner Guard               W. Bro. J. McCormick (acting)

The notice convening the meeting was read after which the ceremony of Constitution was then proceeded with and carried out by the Grand Master and Grand Lodge officers, and Bro. Thomas Houston was installed as first Worshipful Master and saluted. The remaining officers being afterwards installed and saluted. The Grand Master then delivered an instruction and suitable address to the brethren. A vote of thanks was passed to the Grand Master and Officers of the Provincial Grand Lodges The ordinary Lodge business was then transacted, and subsequently the Lodge was then closed in Peace Love and Harmony.

(signed) J.D. Williamson,

W. Bel Burro Burrowes PG. Secretary. (acting)"

The Lodge currently has a membership of 42 Brethren, and at its peak in the 1960's there was 139 Brethren at the Installation Night, both members and visitors. The average attendance at our Stated Communications was then approximately 70 Brethren. Our current attendance figure is about 25 members.

There have been four families (Cairns, Burns, Bibby and Stewart) in which a son later succeeded the father as Worshipful Master, and in the case of the Holdsworth and Swindells families the son preceded the father.

The oldest Worshipful Master of the Lodge was W. Bro. Barr who occupied the chair when he was 85 years old in 1949, and lived to the ripe age of 99 years.

The youngest Master of the Lodge is W. Bro. A Gibson who was 31 years of age when he was installed as Worshipful Master in February 2002.