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Lodge 225

Acacia Lodge No. 225 - a Modern, Progressive and fast-growing Lodge

Welcome to Acacia Lodge No. 225...a lodge of Irish Freemasons regarded by many as one of the most modern, progressive and fastest growing lodges within the Dublin Metropolitan Area.

In Acacia 225, we have an expanding and enthusiastic membership that spans the age groups from the mid-20s upwards.

Members are drawn from a diverse range of professional and craft backgrounds encompassing a wide cross-section of industrial, commercial, service sector, academic and skilled occupations.

Yet, despite our youthfulness...in terms of membership, attitude and outlook...Acacia 225 cherishes a tradition that can be traced back almost three centuries to the very early years of Freemasonry in Ireland.

In that sense, we are somewhat unique...a lodge in which a modern, progressive and creative approach to the management of our affairs rubs shoulders with a history and tradition that is the envy of many.