King Solomon's Temple

The mission of Masonic Havens Limited is the care of the elderly by the provision of residences and / or appropriate financial and other assistance, so that their quality of life may be enhanced, their independence fostered, and their dignity preserved.

In this major new Fund Raising exercise you can reserve and sponsor one or more stones in the virtual Temple and thereby help support the work of Masonic Havens Limited.

Please follow the link below and view the online tour of the Temple of Solomon. You will find yourself walking through the Temples' courts.

As you browse through the Temple of Solomon please sponsor a stone it's only 10 euro! Why not sponsor a stone with your Lodge number on it - i.e. Lodge 123 - stone 123 - or perhaps stones 1230, 1231, 1232, etc etc.

It is only possible to sponsor a stone in the virtual Temple of Solomon through the Web Site below however you may examine and use the programs associated with the fundraiser without having to complete a payment - when you are asked: "Do you wish to sponsor this stone" decline to contribute by clicking the "cancel" button.