Lodge Ireland 2000

Lodge Ireland 2000 - Ireland's only "electronic" Lodge - was Constituted at a special meeting of the Grand Lodge of Ireland held on Saturday 10th June 2000 in Molesworth Street, Dublin.

This is the form of the Lodge Jewel which may be worn by each member and the new Lodge welcomes potential affiliates.

Lodge Ireland 2000 is not associated with any particular Province under the Irish Constitution but rather is responsible directly to the Grand Lodge of Ireland.

Lodge Ireland 2000 will consider for AFFILIATION any Master Mason from any Constitution of Freemasonry whose Grand Lodge is in Fraternal Communication with the Grand Lodge of Ireland but potential Affiliates MUST have an e-mail address as all communication associated with the Lodge will be by electronic means.

Any Master Mason who Affiliates to Lodge Ireland 2000 will automatically become an Irish Freemason and will therefore be entitled to wear Irish Regalia but no Affiliate may become Master of Lodge Ireland 2000 until he has passed through the Chair of his Mother Lodge.


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