Provincial Grand Lodge of Down



Lodge No.

Lodge Name



77 St Patrick's 1st Mon 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8)
Dromore 70   1st Tue 7.30pm (ex 7,8)
Banbridge 336 Union Band 1st Tue 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8)
Killyleagh 30 True Blues 1st Tue 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8)
Warrenpoint 697   1st Tue 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8)
Downpartick 367 St Patrick's Union 1st Wed 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8)
Newry 18 Nelson 1st Thur 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8)
Annalong 696 Mourne 1st Fri 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8)
Seaforde 1009   1st Fri 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8)
Magherally 203   1st Fri 8.00pm (ex 7,8)
Rathfriland 155 Independent Loyalist 1st Fri 8.00pm (ex 7,8)
Dundrum 488   2nd Mon 7.30pm (ex 6,7,8)
Ballyward 503 Mount Lebanon 2nd Mon 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8)
Dromore 94 Star of West Down 2nd Mon 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8)
Killyleagh 113   2nd Mon 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8)
Banbridge 119 Loyal Blue 2nd Tue 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8)
Crossgar 379   2nd Tue 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8)
Gilford 145   2nd Tue 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8)
Newcastle 142 St Paul's 2nd Tue 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8)
Newry 79 St Patrick's 2nd Tue 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8)
Loughbrickland 173 Royal Blue 2nd Wed 8.00pm (ex 7,8)
Ballynahinch 301   2nd Fri 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8)
Downpatrick 369   2nd Fri 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8)
Rathfriland 80 Antiquity and Integrity 2nd Fri 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8)
Downpatrick 86 County Down 3rd Mon 7.30pm (ex 6,7,8)
Dromara 498   3rd Mon 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8)
Newry 23 Union 3rd Mon 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8)
Newcastle 377 Donard 3rd Tue 7.30pm (ex 6,7,8)
Banbridge 296 Victoria Unity 3rd Tue 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8)
Dromore 521 Lagandale 3rd Tue 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8)
Crossgar 917 Cathedral View 3rd Wed 7.30pm (ex 6,7,8)
Newry 83 Francis Crossle 3rd Thur 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8)
Spa, Ballynahinch 703 Spa 3rd Fri 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8)
Newry 174 Services Last Fri 7.45pm (ex 6,7,8,12)
Kilkeel 144 Sion Last Mon 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8)
Ballynahinch 717 Eden-na-vadie Last Thur 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8)
Ardglass 172   Last Wed 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8)

To make contact with any lodge write to Provincial Grand Secretary by post at

115 The Mount, Belfast, BT5 4ND. Northern Ireland. 

by e-mail at 


E-mail  Grand Lodge at

Visitors will be made most welcome but contact should be made prior to the meeting which you wish to attend. Prospective candidates should make contact with a lodge member if they wish to seek membership.

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