The late V. E. Sir Knight Joseph M. Karmel became a Knight Mason in the Great Chief's Council of Knight Masons in the year 1926, and was a very enthusiastic member of this branch of the Masonic Order until his death in 1954.  He was a founder member of Media Council of Knight Masons, No. 13, and served as Excellent Chief in 1933.  He attained the office of Grand Senior Knight in Grand Council in 1948.

The fund was inaugurated with a sum of money donated for the purpose of perpetuating his name in the annals of Knight Masonry, an honour of which he was well worthy.

First Trustees

Thomas W. Damery

Alfred E. McAfee

George R. Morris

The Great Chief:  Joseph H. Hamill


The late R.E. Sir Knight George R. Morris was Secretary and Treasurer from the inception of the fund until 1993, when he was succeeded by the late R.E. Sir Knight John C. Magowan, F.C.A., until 1998.

A formal Trust Deed, having effect from the 1st January, 1997, has been approved by the Trustees, and provides:-

 1.   The name of the Fund shall be “The Joseph Karmel Benevolent Fund”.

2.   The object of the Fund is to provide assistance to or for the benefit of  “Any subscribing Knight Mason who may be in need of emergency financial assistance (or in the case of a deceased Knight Mason, one who was subscribing at the time of his decease) or for the benefit of any widow of his or any child up to the age of twenty-one years who may be in need of emergency financial assistance”.

3.   The control of the finances of the fund shall be exclusively under the control of the Trustees who shall submit Annual Audited Accounts to The Grand Council of Knight Masons not later than the June Stated Meeting in the following year.

4.   All Funds shall be invested in such Stocks, Shares, etc., as is permitted by Law for the investment of Trust Funds.

5.   The Trustees may appoint one of themselves to act as Secretary and Treasurer of the Fund.   All cheques drawn on the Fund shall be signed by any two of the Trustees.

6.  All applications for assistance must be made in duplicate on the prescribed form, copies of which may be obtained from the Secretary to the Fund.

7.  Should any Sir Knight know where help is needed, he should inform the Scribe of his Council in confidence.   The Scribe will complete the application form and send one copy, as soon as possible, to the Secretary of the Fund and the other copy to the * Trustee responsible for that particular Council.

8.   The Trustees shall deal with all applications without delay and, if approved, will make a grant which may be in cash, kind or Bankers’ cheque.

9.   Should a Trustee resign or become incapable of acting, it shall be incumbent on the remaining Trustees to nominate a new Trustee to fill the vacancy, subject to the approval of Grand Council.

10. * Trustees responsible for the various Councils in Ireland are:

*  V.E. Sir Kt. T. J. Coulter:

Councils:   5  15  18  25  34  40  42  43  47  58 60  61  68  75  78

*  V.E. Sir Kt. J. S. Lyness:

Councils:   2   3   4   7   9  11  16  17  19  20  21  22 23 24  27 30  31  32  33  35  36  37  39 41 44  45  46  48  49  50  51  52  53  55  56  57  59 65  66  69  71  77  79  80

*  R.E. Sir Kt. S.S. Davies:

Councils:   Gt. Chief's 1  6  8  10  12  13  14 29  38  54  72  73  84 


 M.E. Sir Kt. M. W. Morrison, Chairman

 M.E. Sir Kt. A. J. Cooke

 R. E. Sir Kt. S.S. Davies

 V. E. Sir Kt. J. S. Lyness

 V. E. Sir Kt. T. J. Coulter

 R. E. Sir Kt. B. V. A. Woods, Secretary/Treasurer


Should be forwarded to 

        B. V. A. Woods,


The Joseph Karmel Benevolent Fund,

Freemasons' Hall,

               17 Molesworth Street,

   Dublin, 2,