Province of Antrim

The Province of Antrim supports all of the Masonic Charities in Ireland, the principal ones being:

      The Victoria Jubilee Masonic Benevolent Fund: This is a Grand lodge Charity and provides Annuities for distressed Freemasons, their Spouses and / or Widows.

      The Masonic Welfare Fund: Launched in 1997 it can assist a broad range of Masonic dependants who may not be eligible for assistance from existing Masonic Charities. It may also consider assistance for a wide variety of domestic and educational needs together with outreach projects.

      The Masonic Girls' Benefit Fund and Masonic Boys' Benefit Fund: Funded by income derived from investments following the sale of the Masonic Schools. Assistance is provided at all educational levels.

      Grand Master's Festivals: These events raise funds for non-Masonic charities. The last two raised almost 1 million in support of medical research and for carers of those suffering from Alzheimers Disease.

      Corinthian Housing Association (N.I) Ltd: This is an Industrial and Provident Society. Its principal activity is to provide housing primarily for Senior Citizens.

      From time to time support is given at Provincial Grand Lodge and Subordinate Lodge level on a one-off basis to sundry local charities.

 District Charity Committees

Arthur Square
Cary & Dunluce
Crumlin Road
Larne & District
Lisburn & District
Rosemary Street
Seven Towers & Massereene
Six Mile Valley