The Mount Masonic Hall is administered by a Limited Company with a Board of Directors.
The Directors look after the maintenance of the buildings etc. and deal directly with all Hall Bookings - Masonic and Social

The Social Committee is responsible for the Social Facilities within the Hall but all major decisions are subject to the approval of the Board of Directors

There are 3 levels of membership available :-
Full Membership - open to Freemasons "sitting" at the Hall
Associate Membership - open to all subscribing Freemasons and their wives
Complimentary Membership - open to widows of Freemasons
Current Membership is 6-00 / year

E-mail Grand Lodge at office @ freemason.ie - Use of this address for enquiries about potential membership should be restricted to those for the Grand Lodge of Ireland

E-mail the Webmaster :- richard.gray @ kenbane.freeserve.co.uk                  

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