About 809

Carryduff Masonic Lodge No.809

Carryduff Masonic Lodge No.809 sits on the 2nd Thursday of each month, except June, July and August, in the Mealough Masonic Hall, Mealough Road, Carryduff. Meetings commence at 20:00.

The Lodge can be contacted through the Secretary:
Mr. J. Kerr,
28 Old Saintfield Road,
BT8 8EY.

The first of a series of informal discussions on the formation of a Masonic Lodge in Carryduff took place on 5th April 1959.

The idea was first conceived by W.Bro. William Lemon at whose instigation the following met at the home of W.Bro. T.D.W. Gordon, Waterloo Park, Belfast:

W.Bro. T.D.W. Gordon, Lodge 612.
W.Bro. W. Lemon, Lodge 186.
W.Bro. W.H.N. Calwell, Lodge 869.
W.Bro. H.W. Cochrane, Lodge 369.
W.Bro. W.J. Kernaghan, Lodge 266.
Bro. S. McCartney, Lodge 638.
Bro. J.L. Martin, Lodge 698.
Bro. J. McC. Glass, Lodge 34.

Subsequent discussions took place at the homes of W.Bro. H.W. Cochrane, Saintfield Road, Carryduff and Bro. J. McC. Glass, Queensfort Park, Carryduff. Arising from these discussions it was decided that, subject to the requirements of the R.W. the Grand Lodge of Ireland and the R.W. the Provincial Grand Lodge of Down, a Lodge comprising 14 founder members would be formed and named Carryduff Masonic Lodge.

Signatures of the above mentioned brethren together with those of W.Bro. W.J. Strain, Bro W.H.J. Moore, Bro. A.C. Lindsay, Bro. Wm. Green, Bro. S. Sloan and Bro. J. Lowe were appended to the memorial and sponsored by Lodges 186, 266 and 612. This memorial together with the proposed ByeLaws was forwarded to Grand Lodge on 1st June 1959 for approval.

A warrant was granted on 1st June 1959 in the names of W.Bro. T.D.W. Gordon, Worshipful Master, W.Bro. W. Lemon, Senior Warden, and W.Bro. W.H.N. Calwell, Junior Warden. The Lodge was placed on Grand Lodge Records as Carryduff Masonic Lodge No. 809.

The consent of St. James Masonic Lodge No. 186 for the use of Mealough Masonic Hall on the 2nd Thursday of each month was granted at an annual rent of 20.00.

In association with R.W.Bro. R.H. Dickson, Provincial Grand Secretary, the dedication Ceremony and Dinner was arranged for Wednesday 23rd September at 17:30 in Newtownards Road Masonic Hall. The Dedication Ceremony was in charge of the R.W. Provincial Grand Master, Sir William Robinson D.L., J.P. Afterwards the Brethren entertained Provincial Grand Lodge members and friends to dinner, where owing to limited space visitors were limited to two guests per founder member.

A personal subscription of 10.00 was covenanted by each member to cover the expenses of establishing the Lodge. W.Bro. T. Gordon donated the Collarettes for the use of Lodge Officers.

Foundation Members


Worshipful Master W.Bro. T.D.W. Gordon

Senior Warden W.Bro. W. Lemon

Junior Warden W.Bro. W.H.N. Calwell

Treasurer Bro. J. McC. Glass

Secretary W.Bro. H.W. Cochrane

Senior Deacon Bro. S. McCartney

Junior Deacon Bro. J.L. Martin

Inner Guard Bro. W.H. Moore

Director of Ceremonies W.Bro. W.J. Strain

Chaplain Bro. A. Lindsay

Senior Stewart Bro. W. Greer

Junior Stewart Bro. S. Sloan

Assistant Stewart Bro. J. Lowe

Assistant Stewart W.Bro. W.J. Kernaghan