Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim


Meeting Date/Time


Lodge No.

Lodge Name

1st Mon 7.30pm Portrush 1008 Union
1st Mon 8.00pm (ex 7,8) Clough 574  
1st Mon 8.00pm (ex 7,8,9) Ballintoy 38 Ballintoy
1st Tue 8.00pm (ex 7,8) Ballymena 775 Three Brothers
1st Tue 8.00pm (ex 7,8) Kells 189 Connor
1st Fri 8.00pm (ex 7,8,9) Moyarget 280  
1st Fri 7.30pm (ex 7,8) Bushmills 414 Royal Blue
1st Fri 8.00pm (ex 7,8,9) Ballymena 476 Seven Towers
1st Sat 7.30pm (ex 7,8,9) Ballymoney 17 Vowferry
2nd Mon 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8) Ballymena 96 Stalwart
2nd Mon 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8) Ballycastle 89 True Blue
2nd Mon 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8) Ballymena 431 Ballymena
2nd Mon 8.00pm (ex 7,8,9) Broughshane 246 Broughshane
2nd Mon 8.00pm (ex 7,8,9) Carareagh 374 Carareagh
2nd Wed 7.30pm (ex 7,8,9) Ballymoney 57 Ballymoney
2nd Thur 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8) Cullybackey 537 Ancient Blue
2nd Thur 8.00pm (ex 7,8) Antrim 776 Parkgate
3rd Mon 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8) Ballymena 149 Abercorn Temperance
3rd Mon 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8) Broughshane 1020 Thiepval Memorial
3rd Mon 8.00pm (ex 7,8) Clough 769 Shaw Memorial
3rd Fri 7.30pm (ex 6,7,8) Ballymoney 330 Ballymoney
3rd Fri 8.00pm (ex 7,8) Cullybackey 492 Maine Valley
4th Mon 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8) Ballymena 428 Harmony
4th Tue 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8) Broughshane 493 Patrick
4th Thur 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8) Ballymena 60 Harp and Crown
4th Thur 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8) Kells 990 Kells
4th Fri 8.00pm (ex 7,8) Portglenone 450 Portglenone
Fri on or before f.m. 8.00pm (ex 7,8) Cairncastle 788 Cairncastle
Mon on or after f.m.8.00pm Ballymena 194 Bucknaw
Wed on or after f.m. 8.00pm (ex 6,7,8) Ahoghill 704 Ancient Blue
Thur on or before f.m. 8.00 pm Glenarm 45 Glenarm
Thur on or after f.m. 8.00pm(ex7,8) Carnlough 216 Carnlough
Last Mon 8.00pm (ex 7,8) Ballymoney 152 Chatham Hall
Last Thur 7.30pm (ex 7,8)2nd Thur in 12 Portrush 607 Shalman

To make contact with any lodge write to Provincial Grand Secretary at

Masonic Hall, Rosemary St., Belfast BT1 1QA  


E-mail  Grand Lodge at

Visitors will be made most welcome but contact should be made prior to the meeting which you wish to attend. Prospective candidates should make contact with a lodge member if they wish to seek membership.

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