Lodge Character

Acacia 225 is a responsible, efficient, well organised and managed lodge of Freemasons.

We consider ourselves to be diligent in the performance of our ceremonies, excellent in the giving of our degrees and enthusiastic in the very vital task of raising finance for our Masonic charities and the various public causes which the Masonic Order supports from time to time.

There is a strong social side to our activities reflected in our visits to other lodges within the Metropolitan area and within the country as a whole. Annually, we host a formal Installation Dinner as well as a number of supper meetings held throughout the year.

In an international context, membership of Acacia 225 (or any other lodge) bestows upon one the opportunity to visit lodges overseas where one of the benefits that falls from membership is the prospect of a friendly welcome in any town or city in which a lodge of Freemasons is situated.

E-mail Grand Lodge at office @ freemason.ie - Use of this address for enquiries about potential membership should be restricted to those for the Grand Lodge of Ireland

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