Like many Masonic lodges throughout Ireland and beyond, Acacia 225 can trace its origins back across the generations.

The Warrant under which we exist was first issued in Dublin over 250 years ago on the 4th February 1751. Some 36 years later, in 1787, it was cancelled and lay dormant for a further 21 years until 1808 when Grand Lodge exchanged it for an illegal warrant from Tyrone Militia.

Six years later it fell dormant for a second time until 1818 when it was next issued to a Lodge in Co. Londonderry where it lasted for 29 years.

In 1847, one of the Great Famine years, it became dormant for a third time. Then, twenty-four years later on the 2nd June 1871, it was revived and named Acacia Lodge. Since then it has enjoyed an unbroken history of association that continues to this day.

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